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How to Clean Vinyl Window Frames

On the outside, your vinyl window frames will gradually accumulate a layer of dirt. Dust, pollen, and even tree sap need removal from time to time, and spring presents a great time to do this chore. Just follow the steps for how to clean vinyl window frames this spring. When you’re done, you’ll see that your home looks much brighter.

Directions for How To Clean Vinyl Window Frames This Spring

  1. Decide whether you want to use a vinegar/water cleaner or a non-detergent soap solution. Both mixes work well. Your primary concern will be to avoid cleaners with any abrasive particles, alcohol, or ammonia. These substances can damage or discolor the vinyl.
  2. To work on the exterior window frames, you’ll likely need a ladder or step ladder. Always set your ladder on stable ground for safety’s sake.
  3. If you’re using vinegar, mix three parts white vinegar to seven parts water.
  4. Place the mixture in a bucket or spray bottle.
  5. You can wear gloves while working to limit the vinegar odor getting into your skin.
  6. Spray the window frames with the vinegar water or wipe it on with a rag.
  7. Scrub the frames with a soft bristle brush to break up the residue of dirt.
  8. Wipe off the loosened dirt with a rag or cloth.
  9. Repeat the spraying and wiping if necessary.
  10. If you’d rather use a non-detergent soap solution, blend 1/4 cup soap with a gallon of warm water in a bucket.
  11. Either working with a rag and bucket or spray bottle, apply the soapy solution to the frame.
  12. Let the soap set for a couple of minutes.
  13. Scrub the frames to loosen stubborn dirt.
  14. Wipe the soapy solution and dirt off of the frames.
  15. Using a clean rag, rinse the frames using only water.
  16. Dry the frames with a dry rag.
  17. We will then move inside to clean the interior frames.
  18. After moving inside, get out a vacuum with a cleaning wand. A small, handheld vacuum works as well.
  19. Open the window and suck dust and debris out of the frame and off of the window sill.
  20. Wipe the frame with a wet cloth.
  21. If you want to clean the glass, any spray glass cleaner will do the job.
  22. Wipe the windows dry with a soft cloth until all streaks are gone.

Tools & Materials

  • Soft bristle scrub brush
  • Cotton rags or microfiber cloths
  • Latex rubber gloves
  • Bucket
  • Spray bottle
  • Vacuum
  • Ladder

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