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How to Fix a Cracked Window

A cracked window pane will let air and water into your home. When the weather turns cold in the Delaware Valley, you’ll want to take steps to keep out the elements. You have several temporary options to choose from when learning how to fix a cracked window. These methods can control the problem until you have the time to replace the window. Replacement of the pane or the whole window will ultimately be necessary because you can’t “un-crack” glass.

How to Fix a Cracked Window Step By Step

For cracks without exposed edges:

  1. Cover the crack with strips of masking tape.
  2. Place the tape so that it extends beyond the damage.
  3. Put tape over the crack on the other side of the glass in the same manner.

For damage that has gaps or edges:

  1. Buy the glass adhesive used to repair dings in automobile windshields.
  2. Clean the broken areas by flushing away particles with water in an eyedropper.
  3. With a syringe or paintbrush, gently fill the damaged area with the glass adhesive and let it dry.

For extensive damage with holes:

  1. Cut a piece of clear plastic or other plastic, like a shower curtain, large enough to cover the damage.
  2. Use duct tape to attach the plastic cover on the outside.

Tools & Materials

Wear work gloves if you need to clean up shards of glass or work near exposed edges. Broken glass is quite hazardous and can cause serious injuries.
  • Safety glasses
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Duct tape
  • Eyedropper
  • Syringe
  • Small paintbrush

Professional Window Replacement Services

Cracked glass could be a sign of a warped or broken frame. A window replacement expert from PJ Fitzpatrick can help determine if you need a new window. If it is time to schedule a window replacement, we offer many styles of windows. You can choose from modern, energy-efficient products made from wood, vinyl, or fiberglass. Our selection contains many popular designs, including specialty shapes. You don’t have to live with that old, cracked window. Ask us for an estimate today!

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