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How to Reseal Windows

Caulk around the exterior of windows will dry and crack with age. Window glazing around the edges of glass panes can deteriorate in a similar manner. Cracks and gaps let air, and potentially water, into your home. The draftiness robs you of comfort as warm or cold air leaks out depending on the season. When you know how to reseal windows, you can correct this problem. Do-it-yourselfers can get satisfying results by applying fresh caulk and window glazing.

Steps for How to Reseal Windows

Checking for drafts:

  1. Inside your house, light a candle.
  2. Move the flame slowly along the edges of the windows.
  3. Wherever you see it flicker strongly, a draft is coming through the window.

Caulking window seams:

  1. On the outside, apply a caulk softening product to the old caulk along window seams.
  2. Give the caulk softener about 2 hours to work.
  3. Scrape caulk off with a putty knife.
  4. Cut tip off of exterior-grade caulk at a 45-degree angle.
  5. Pierce caulk tube’s seal by inserting a nail through tip.
  6. Load caulk tube into caulking gun.
  7. Place caulk tube tip against the top window seam and run a bead of caulk over the gap.
    1. Move slowly when caulking large gaps so that caulk can squeeze fully into the space.
  8. Run beads of caulk down the sides of the window.
  9. Seal the bottom seam of the window with caulk.
  10. Wet your finger and smooth each bead of caulk.

Reglazing windowpanes:

  1. Tap a windowpane with your putty knife or finger.
  2. A rattling windowpane means that the glazing is loose.
  3. Scrape out old glazing with a putty knife.
  4. Clean the glass and the edges of the frame.
  5. Dip some glazing out of the container with a putty knife.
  6. Spread the glazing between the windowpane edge and the frame.
  7. The glazing should form a 20 to 45-degree slope between the glass and frame.
  8. Press the glazing firmly and create a smooth surface.
  9. Give the glazing at least several days to dry before painting it.

Tools & Materials

You'll use the candle to locate air leaks. Check for drafts on a windy day when drafts are easier to detect.
  • Candle
  • Putty knife
  • Caulking gun
  • Utility knife or scissors

Consider New Windows

Learning how to reseal windows can only get you so far. You still may have single-pane windows or uninsulated window frames. Old windows can do little to keep out cold or hot weather in the Delaware Valley. Instead of battling the elements with half measures on old windows, you can get new windows from PJ Fitzpatrick. Contact us about window replacement today.

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