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Double Doors


Have you ever thought about installing double doors instead of single doors in your home? While single doors are by far the most popular style of door, double doors can offer a classic look that can take your guests by pleasant surprise. They also offer more room to move in and out and can open up to join two spaces together in a more open layout.

Double Doors vs. French Doors

When you think of double doors, you may think of French doors, and vice versa. But what’s the difference between the two? The truth is, the two terms are fairly interchangeable, however, French doors always refers to two side-by-side single doors while double doors can mean either side-by-side single doors or folding doors. In addition, French doors are almost always made of glass and feature wooden bars that crisscross to create panels. Double doors, on the other hand, can be made of any material.


Double doors have a distinct appearance that some homeowners don’t care for and others crave. Double front doors are often associated with classic architecture styles like Victorian, Georgian, French Provincial, Mediterranean, and more, and tend to give your home a formal look. In addition to front doors, many homeowners choose double doors for their dining room or office, however, you can install double doors wherever you’d like.

If you’re thinking about a set of double doors for your home, bypass Home Depot’s double doors and give our experts a call instead.

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