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When it comes to doors for your home, the most popular ones that come to mind are the front door and the porch door; many people tend to forget about their garage door. However, just like a front door or porch door, a garage door is an important part of any home. Before you choose yours, there are some things to consider:


When garage doors were first invented, they were simply a way to keep vehicles safe inside a space. But these days, they’re much more than that. Today’s garage doors can also help protect your home from the heat and the cold. Modern garage doors are built with varying degrees of insulation in order to form a barrier between your garage and the outside temperatures. If your garage is adjacent to your home, a warm garage in the winter and a cool garage in the summer means your home will stay comfortable more easily.


While basic garage doors with simple panel patterns can complement nearly any home, there are many more style options available. For example, a flush garage door is designed to be very plain and simple, which can complement a modern home well, while a carriage house garage door is designed to look like an old-fashioned carriage house door and give your home a classic look. There are also garage doors made to flatter colonial homes, ranch-style homes, Victorian-style homes, and more.


Garage doors are much heavier than other doors, and safety has always been a concern – especially when it comes to children and pets. At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we offer garage doors with “Family Safe” technology, which prevents the door from closing if someone or something is in the way of it. This technology gives you peace of mind and you can open and close it without worry about hurting your family.

To us, a garage door is more than just a garage door. Instead of turning to Home Depot garage doors, give P.J. Fitzpatrick a call. We can give you all the details you need to know to choose the right door.

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