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While interior doors are great for creating privacy or connecting two spaces, they’re also great for adding some character to your rooms. However, when you choose your interior doors, you’ll have to choose a style, a movement, and a material that fits your needs. Today, there are a variety of interior door choices, so whether you’re looking for a bedroom door, bathroom door, office door, or any other door, P.J. Fitzpatrick can help you choose the best one.


Interior doors come in many different styles, and depending on your home’s décor, you can use them to add to a room’s overall look. Before you choose a style of door, consider what would look best with that room. If you’re looking for a classic touch, try French doors or a door with glass features. If you have more of a modern taste, try a paneled door or a solid door with a contemporary handle. And if you’re looking to save space, consider pocket doors or bifold doors.


One thing you may not think about when choosing your interior door is its movement. Consider whether you want the door to open toward you or away from you. While an open door may not cause any obstructions in one room, it may in the other, and that’s something to take into account. In addition, consider which way you want the door to swing. Most doors can be fitted with hinges and doorknobs on either side of the door, so decide whether you want to open your door on the right side or the left.


Interior doors are usually made from thinner or hollower material than front doors, which means they’re usually more affordable, however, the material you choose still affects things like insulation, sound transfer, durability, and more. When it comes to insulation, fiberglass and steel are usually the most popular interior door choices. When it comes to wood, however, these doors are chosen for their easy maintenance, as they can be repaired if they get scratched or dented.

Choosing the right interior door may seem a little overwhelming, but P.J. Fitzpatrick is here to help. Skip the Home Depot interior doors and let our experts and our showroom help you make the right decision.

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