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At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we see single doors more than anything in the homes that we visit. That’s because single is the most popular style of door. Whether it’s your front door, bathroom door, bedroom door, or any other entryway, single doors are usually the go-to choice for homeowners. What type of door and the look of it, however, can vary greatly.


While wood has been a traditional door material for centuries, doors today can be made from steel, fiberglass, glass, and more. There are certain benefits to each material and each one is chosen for different reasons. While some homeowners look for the energy efficiency of fiberglass doors, others opt for the strength and security of steel. Some prefer the classic look and feel of wood and those who love a modern touch may choose all glass.

A Look for Everyone

These days, you can find doors in any shape, size, color, pattern, and more. From single-panel doors to multi-panel doors to brightly colored doors, doors with windows, decoratively carved doors, and more, there’s a door look for everyone. Single doors also have their own individual look when you compare them to the look of double doors. While some prefer double doors in their home, others feel that double doors are too formal for their taste and would rather have a single door.

Installations and Repairs

At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we offer both installation and repair services for every type of door. We can install a wide variety of doors in nearly any room in your home and if you’re in need of new seals, caulking, a locking system, hinges, or other element, our repair experts can help. If you’re in need of a new single door or want to schedule a door service, skip the Home Depot single doors and talk to P.J. Fitzpatrick.

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