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Sliding Doors


Sliding doors are often made of glass and are a popular choice for patio doors. Their maneuverability and ability to let in natural light makes them an ideal barrier between the outdoors and your living room or kitchen. In addition, their glass also makes it easy for you to see outside into your back yard or onto your porch.


Because sliding doors take up less space than traditional doors, they’re perfect for nearly any room, whether it’s your bedroom, dining room, bathroom, office, or other area. These doors slide open and closed without needing clearance in front of them, which means you’ll get more floor space to work with and it’s easier to get in and out of the room.

While most sliding doors have tracks that are mounted to the floor, it’s possible to have a track mounted to a rod above the doorframe instead. This transforms the door into a hanging door instead of one that rests on the ground. Both types of doors can add an elegance to any room, and which you choose depends on the look and feel you want.

Sliding Doors vs. Pocket Doors

While not nearly as common as sliding doors, some homeowners opt for pocket doors in their homes. Like sliding doors, pocket doors slide open and closed, however, they’re installed differently. While sliding doors are built adjacent to or overlapping the wall, pocket doors are actually built inside the wall. This means that when you slide a pocket door open, it will disappear into the wall, whereas a sliding door will simply overlap the wall or stationary door next to it.

If you’re looking to maximize space and enjoy a door design that’s easy to open and close, skip the Home Depot sliding doors and let our specialists step in.

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