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Wood Doors


For centuries, people have been using wood to create doors for their homes. From front doors to basement doors to garage doors and more, wood is still the most popular material choice when it comes to interior and exterior doors. Homeowners often choose wood because of its solid construction. This makes it one of the best options for safety and for wear and tear; it’s dent-resistant and has proven to be long-lasting. In addition, wood provides a rich look that can add an element of class to your home and is hard to duplicate in other materials like steel or fiberglass.

Wood Types

Wood can be harvested from thousands of different tree species around the world, and choosing one may be a little overwhelming. Our window experts can help.


Hardwoods come from deciduous (or leaf-baring) trees and are usually harder than softwoods, though there are some exceptions. Some of the most popular hardwoods used for doors include: Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Hickory, Oak, Alder, Mahogany, and Poplar. Each of these woods has different characteristics including density, color, and grain pattern.


Softwoods come from conifer (cone-bearing) trees as opposed to deciduous trees. Some of the most popular softwoods for doors include: Hemlock, Pine, Douglas Fir, Spruce, and Juniper. These woods usually have a less noticeable (or a wider) grain pattern, and are often less expensive than hardwoods.

While hardwoods are often a more popular choice than softwoods for doors, which you choose depends on several factors, including your taste, your budget, and your color intentions (if you’re going to stain or paint the door, some woods handle finishes better than others).

Also Consider…

While searching for a door, you may not have thought about what your door will smell like, but it’s something to take into consideration. Some woods (including many softwoods) produce a stronger odor than others, and those who are sensitive to smells may be irritated by it.

If you’re ready to start exploring the wide world of doors, skip the Home Depot wood doors and talk to the specialists at P.J. Fitzpatrick. We’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

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