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French Doors


For years, homeowners have been opting to include French doors in their interior designs, and at P.J. Fitzpatrick, we know why. French doors are two glass doors that are placed side-by-side to give you a larger door opening than a single door. They also offer a variety of benefits and can be incorporated into any room to give it a touch of elegance.

French doors do get their name from their French history. While no one person can be credited for their design, it’s said they’re influenced by Italian Renaissance architecture, which focuses on light and symmetry (and later came to France).

Room Flow

Because French doors can both be opened to give you a large open area, many people choose to install French doors between two rooms that they want to join together. Popular choices include the dining room and kitchen, the dining room and living room, and the patio and living room or kitchen. When you open these doors, you can create a more free-flowing floor plan that’s great for entertaining.

French patio doors can also give you an abundance of fresh air, natural light, and cool breezes. Because they’re made from glass, French doors give you a clear view into the next room or outside, which makes your home appear bigger.


While French doors are typically made of glass, they can have very different looks. You can opt for French doors made with a single pane of glass or ones made with several smaller panes separated by mullions. You can also add opaque panels to create an artsy design or choose frosted glass for more privacy. French doors come in a variety of materials, such as wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and more.

In addition, French doors can increase the value of your home and can be a good selling point to potential buyers. If you’re interested in incorporating French doors into your home, leave the Lowes French doors behind and call us. We’ll help you choose the right style to fit your taste and budget.

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