Door Types

Make a great first impression

Doors serve a practical and aesthetic role in the overall interior design of your home. The front door provides a first impression, along with security and privacy for your property. Internal doors shut areas off, which can mean savings on heating and cooling, noise reduction and the miraculous disappearance of clutter.

Fiberglass Doors


Fiberglass is a relatively new material in doors today. It’s very low maintenance, resists denting and scratching, and is very secure. It also offers a wood grain if you desire a wood-look. Another benefit to fiberglass is that unlike wood and steel, it doesn’t need to be finished to be considered low maintenance. Fiberglass, even when left unfinished, will last for years without fears of mold, deterioration, or rust.

Steel Doors


Today’s steel doors do much more than just provide security though they perform that function quite well. Steel doors are also renowned for their insulating qualities. Typically, steel doors are constructed of a hollow heavy gauge galvanized steel shell that is filled with expanding foam or some other high-density insulation foam. Galvanizing prevents the steel from rusting. After the foam sets and hardens, the surfaces are coated so that the door is not cold to the touch.

Stile & Rail Doors


This older style of door is made from planks of timber – or a wood composite. The name refers to its components – vertical members, called stiles, and horizontal members called rails.

French Doors


Commonly used to connect your garden with your house, a French door is one made of glass and framed (most commonly) by wood or aluminum.They are found as both single and double doors.

Sliding Doors


These doors are often a gateway to the backyard. Large glass panes let lots of light in, and lots of ventilation when opened. Solid sliding doors are used indoors when space is an issue as there may not be enough room for a wing door to open – this is especially useful in bathrooms. Inside, sliding doors are often “pocket” doors – so called because they slide into a pocket in the wall when open.

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