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Exterior Door Types

Your Door is Your First Impression

Doors serve a practical and aesthetic role in the overall interior design of your home. The front door provides a first impression, along with security and privacy for your property. Internal doors shut areas off, which can mean savings on heating and cooling, noise reduction, and the miraculous disappearance of clutter. From fiberglass and wood front doors to the convenience of sliding glass patio doors, PJ Fitzpatrick offers several different door types.

Strong and Elegant Doors for Every Home

We work with leading entry door manufacturers to ensure you not only get the look you want but also have a door that stays sturdy and safe. Whether you want to improve curb appeal or have more efficient access to your outdoor living spaces, we offer several door types to match your desired look and functionality.

Fiberglass Door Type

Fiberglass Front Doors

Fiberglass is a relatively newer door material. It’s very low maintenance, resists denting and scratching, and is very secure. They can come in wood grain texture if you desire a wood-look. Another benefit to fiberglass is that, unlike wood and steel, it doesn’t need to be finished. Fiberglass doors should last for years without fear of mold, deterioration, or rust.

Sliding Door Type

Typically gateway to the backyard, these sliding glass panes let lots of light in and improve ventilation when opened. Sliding glass doors are used indoors when space is an issue as there may not be enough room for a door to open. When opting for a door replacement, sliding glass doors provide unmatched convenience to access your outdoor living area.

Stile and Rail Door Type

Stile & Rail Exterior Doors

This older style of wood door is made from planks of timber – or a wood composite. The name refers to its components – vertical members, called stiles, and horizontal members called rails. These elegant doors come solid or with glazing to allow in natural light.

French Door Type

French Patio Doors

Commonly used to connect your patio or garden with your house, a French door is made of glass and framed (most commonly) by wood, fiberglass, or aluminum. They are found as both single and double doors and have a more elegant look than the more popular sliding glass doors.


We vow to never use cheaper materials, hurry through an installation, or overlook local code restrictions.



If something ever goes wrong with our installation in the future, it’s not your fault… it’s ours. We’ll do what’s necessary to make things right.



When it comes to home improvement, we know that many of our services are not just minor changes to your home, but rather a large investment.



In your search for a home improvement company, you’ve probably come across words like “experienced” or “trustworthy.” We practice what we preach.

We Offer Door Repair Services

Our team of door specialists is dedicated to addressing a range of door issues promptly and efficiently. Whether your door requires new weather stripping, a lock upgrade, caulking at the threshold, or any other repair, we’re here for you. We understand the significance of maintaining secure, energy-efficient doors, and we prioritize quick and precise repairs to enhance the overall functionality of your entryways. Beyond immediate door repairs, we offer comprehensive assessments and preventive maintenance recommendations to contribute to the long-term durability of your doors. Trust us for a seamless blend of quality service, enhanced energy efficiency, and improved security for your home.

Door Repair Services

Should I Install a New Exterior Door?

With a new door, you can enhance the look and functionality of your home while adding value to your property. A new door requires little to no maintenance and is built to last for many years. Better insulation will reduce your heating and cooling expenses and increase the comfort level in your house as well. New doors can enhance the general security and safety of your house bringing peace of mind to you and your family.

Contact PJ Fitzpatrick for a Door Replacement Quote

We’re sure you’ll love what we can do for the entryways of your home. Many homeowners in the Mid Atlantic have chosen PJ Fitzpatrick to install new exterior doors to improve their home’s look and functionality. Contact us with any questions you may have about the exterior door types we offer, or to request a quote.

Our Doors Gallery

At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we offer doors in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes so you can complement the look of your home. Browse through our door photo gallery to see some of the ones we’ve installed on other homes.


PJ Fitz Door DIY Guide

Door Installation & Repair Guide

The do it yourself resource for homeowners from home improvement professionals. In these projects, our door repair experts show how to repair or install your doors. We provide a list of all the materials you will need and step by step instructions.

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