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Gutter Cleaning

Why gutter cleaning is so critical

Of all the home improvement projects that loom over homeowners, regular gutter cleaning is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make. Over the long haul, gutter maintenance will cost far less than the damage caused by overflowing gutters.

Protect Your Foundation

At P.J. Fitzpatrick, our gutter cleaning pros have seen it all! Clogged gutters overflow and can leak into your home. Water damage manifests itself in many ways: but the most common problem we see is basement flooding. Water can travel down your interior wall undetected, pool in your basement, and leak into your foundation. Ultimately the most expensive damage comes from the eventual destabilization of your foundation – whether from erosion or the pressure the water causes on the foundation walls. The commonly clay-based soils in and around the Delaware Valley compound the weight issue, making it important for local homeowners to get as much water away from their foundations as possible.

Gutter Cleaning

Avoid Costly Repairs

Even if your gutters aren’t clogged, you still want to inspect and clean them as needed twice a year. We recently cleaned a home gutter system outside of Philadelphia and pulled out over 50 pounds of wet leaves, needles and shingle silt. That weight caused the gutters to pull away from the facia so the gutters were no longer pitched correctly and thus not directing water away from the home. We spent the rest of the afternoon re-hanging the gutters and replacing the rotted facia board. A one-hour project turned into a half-day affair.

Protect Your Roof

Roof damage due to clogged gutters is at its greatest risk during the winter months. If there is water stuck in your gutters because of a buildup of debris, it can freeze and push up into the roofing materials. The minimal cost and time associated with gutter cleaning are far less than the cost of repairing ice-dam damage to your roof.

Gutter Cleaning by P.J. Fitzpatrick

Cleaning your gutters regularly is a small investment in the protection of your home. P.J. Fitzpatrick offers a fair price for gutter cleaning. We can easily assess any issues that may need repair while we are on the job. When it comes to dealing with tall ladders and gutter gunk, leave it to the pros. We bring 40 years of experience cleaning, repairing and installing gutters and take great pride in our work.

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Our Gutter Gallery

Take a look at our gutter photo gallery. We use high quality materials for our gutter repairs and installations and we’ve helped ease many homeowners’ minds.


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