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Keep Your Gutters Free from Debris with Klean Gutter Leaf Guards

Your gutters are an essential rainwater mitigation system for your home, so it’s crucial that you keep them fully functional and clean. Clogs can form from the buildup of twigs, decomposing leaves, and other debris. As a result, rainwater flows over the side of the gutters rather than through the drainage system. The overflow can get under the roof, travel down the walls, and penetrate into the soil along the foundation of your home, which compromises its integrity over time. Cleaning your gutters is a dangerous and messy chore. Fortunately, Klean Gutter Leaf Guards are designed to be installed over your gutters to prevent leaves, pine needles, twigs, and more from building up inside.

Klean Gutter Leaf Guard Separates Debris

Gutter guards allow rainwater to freely flow through the downspouts and away from your home. Best of all, they eliminate the need for gutter cleanings. Take a closer look at Klean Gutter Leaf Guards and why installing them on your home is so beneficial.

Multi Positional Gutter Guard

Everyone Wants A Clean Gutter

At PJ Fitzpatrick, we’re gutter guard experts and have tried any number of products over our 40 years in business. One product stands head and shoulders above the rest: Klean Gutter Leaf Guards. Do not be fooled by inferior products claiming superior performance.

Klean Gutter Leaf Guards have 3 design patents and are made from a surgical grade stainless steel so they will not rust. They are designed to maintain your roof’s natural pitch so that debris will fall off and not collect on a flat surface. Unique to Klean Gutter is the expanded surface area that has the industry’s greatest water-receiving area.

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Benefits of Gutter Guards for Your Home

Some homeowners dismiss gutter guards as an accessory that don’t offer much benefit. However, there are several advantages to having guards installed over your gutters. Learn more about the countless benefits of Klean Gutter leaf guards:

A Lifetime Warranty on materials and labor, plus the PJ Fitzpatrick no-clog guarantee for 10 years!

  • Low Maintenance – The most obvious benefit of our gutter guards is that they eliminate the need for you to climb a ladder to clean your gutters. They are designed to maintain the natural pitch of your roof so that leaves, debris and pine needles will fall to the ground. Do not select a product that lies flat on the gutters as this will act like a shelf and collect the debris.
  • Patented Technology – What separates Klean Gutter is its ability to use a fine filter, not a wide-open mesh, and still pull water into the gutter. There is a tight central seam in this design used to force water to follow this path rather than continuing its forward flow from the roof straight over the system.
  • High Volume – Some gutter designs fail to allow for enough water to flow, especially in areas that get high amounts of rainfall. However, Klean Gutter has over 70% more filtering area than any other system. You get the best performance when you do not limit the filtering area. While it costs more to manufacture a Klean Gutter, you will find no compromises at PJ Fitzpatrick when it comes to securing the best gutter protection for your home.
  • Efficient Installation – The two sizes of Klean Gutter are compatible with both 5- and 6-inch gutters. Compared to some other gutter guards on the market, Klean Gutter is easy to install and can be installed two ways: slide underneath the roof shingles or mounted to the fascia. Fascia-mount does not touch the shingles and the under-the-shingle installation is a shingle manufacturer-approved installation methodology. This means that sliding the product beneath the roof shingles will NOT void shingle manufacturer warranties.
  • Weather and Pest Resistant – When PJ Fitzpatrick technicians attach guards onto your gutter system, they’ll securely stay in place. They are resistant to high winds, ice, and snow. They also keep wildlife, such as squirrels and birds, from storing food or creating nests in your gutters.
  • The Best Value for your money all year round – – It gets cold in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, and when there are snow and ice conditions, a heat cable can be installed, so heat can radiate up through the porous filter, to melt snow or ice. Heat is used more efficiently in Klean Gutter than in other dealer-installed products that heat the metal of the gutter covers rather than the ice or snow. No more unnecessary trips up the ladder to remove ice dams.
  • Reinforces the Gutter System – The strong 316 stainless steel (surgical grade stainless steel mesh) from Klean Gutter makes your gutters sturdier and means they will not rust.

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Why Choose a Gutter Guard System from PJ Fitzpatrick?

While other home improvement companies can install gutter helmets, covers, and gutter inserts for you, the team at PJ Fitzpatrick stands out from the rest. Our highly trained technicians will always arrive at your home in a company vehicle and uniform. We only use dedicated Klean Gutter teams.

We don’t do any work on your gutters until you approve of the services and how much they cost. You won’t get hit with any surprises or hidden charges, either. We’ll never try to sell you something that you don’t need or didn’t call us for. Our focus is to perform the installation or repairs that you need. Along with our 25-year, no-clog warranty on gutter guards, we guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our service. If you aren’t, we’ll return to address the issue for no extra cost.

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Other Gutter Services

At PJ Fitzpatrick, we do more than install the top-performing gutter guards. Whether you need us to install, clean, or repair your gutters, our professionals can get the job done. We’ve been performing quality gutter installation and repairs in the Delaware Valley – for Philadelphia, Wilmington, Southern New Jersey and Maryland — for more than 40 years, saving homeowners thousands of dollars in gutter and other home repairs. We use first-rate products and ensure that only a trained and experienced specialist does the work. Our team strives to make your gutters functional again and keep them that way.

Gutter Cleaning

It’s critical to ensure your gutters are free from leaves, ice, and other debris to prevent water backup and eventual damage to your home. The experts at PJ Fitzpatrick can affordably clean your gutters and get them back in working order. It’s always best to have a professional perform this service to prevent injuries and falls from a ladder. Annual gutter cleaning will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Gutter Repair

Clogs and debris aren’t the only ways that your gutters can get damaged. Tree branches can fall on them and ice can build up inside of them as well. If you notice that your rain gutters aren’t draining like they used to, our gutter repair specialists can assess the problem and perform the necessary repairs. They can install hangers or gutter guards, seal leaks, repair downspouts, install downspout extensions and so much more.

Gutter Replacement

Are your gutters damaged beyond repair, or do you want a new aesthetic for your home? No matter the reason, PJ Fitzpatrick can replace your gutter system. Installing an updated rain gutter system will preserve the exterior of your home and prevent basement flooding, foundation deterioration, and water stains. Our experts will work with you to choose a gutter system and size that will best fit your home and needs.

PJ Fitzpatrick Knows Gutters

PJ Knows Gutter ProtectionThe technicians at PJ Fitzpatrick take pride in the work that we do. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with quality materials and workmanship. Experience the difference that gutter guards can provide for your home. Contact PJ Fitzpatrick today for an installation estimate.

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