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If gutter systems are not taken care of they could break or become clogged and present some major flooding issues for your home. PJ Fitzpatrick is the premier gutter repair company in the Delaware Valley. We are experts in re-hanging, caulking, re-aligning, and repairing damaged fascia board caused by the gutters pulling away from your home.

Gutter Repair Experts

Leaking or sagging gutters might seem like a minor problem, but that undirected water can eventually cause expensive problems. Water falling too close to the foundation can seep into a basement or under your home. Stagnant water could promote mold growth in the home and even weaken your home’s foundation. Water pooled in clogged or damaged gutters will eventually compromise your roof or walls with moisture penetration or ice expansion.

Home Gutter Repair

Home gutter systems typically consist of 4 parts; gutter, downspout, soffit, and fascia. While these parts are most often made of durable materials, they can be damaged when enough force is applied to them. Heavy objects such as wet leaves in the fall, aging shingle debris, and snow or ice can cause any of these parts to bend or even break. If your system has suffered any damage it’s very important to schedule a gutter repair before water starts leaking into your home or foundation and causing expensive water damage.

Common Gutter Damage

  • Sagging Gutter Sections
  • Rotted Fascia Board
  • Ice Dams in Winter
  • Water Spilling Over Edges
  • Leaking Gutter Seams
  • Blocked Downspouts
  • Slow Drainage / Bad Slope
  • Loose Mounting Brackets
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Gutter Repair Gutter GuardsProtect Your Gutters

Once your gutters are repaired you should protect your investment. PJ Fitzpatrick can install Klean Gutter Leaf Guards to keep debris out so water can drain easily. The Klean Gutter Leaf Guard system is designed to withstand snow, ice, wind, and heavy rain. The gutter repair experts at PJ Fitzpatrick have over 40 years of experience protecting homes and can help you with all of your gutter repair and home renovation needs. We have a fully trained staff of home renovation specialists that want to help you get your home in excellent condition.

Ice Dams Can Cause Major Issues

If your gutters are clogged or otherwise not functioning properly, stagnant water and melting snow can create a large frozen blockage that grows upward and often into and beneath your shingles. They can also create very large and heavy icicles. These ice dams open your roof and your home up to serious damage. It’s important to have your gutters clean and functioning properly to prevent this phenomenon from happening.

Emergency Gutter RepairEmergency Gutter Repair Services

Bad storms can bring high winds and heavy rains that stress your gutters and can pull them away from your home. Falling debris could also puncture or rip your gutters. Our gutter technicians can fix your gutter system so it’s working properly again. If you have a gutter emergency give us a call and we’ll be out to fix them right away!

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