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Ever notice those black or green marks that run down the length of your roof? It’s not dirt…it’s ALIVE! Algae, Moss, Fungus, Lichen and other plant life take root in your roof and over time, they can break down your shingles.  They can cause problems like leaks and moisture penetration of the sub-roof, so it’s important to catch these invasive parasites early so that you prevent roof damage BEFORE IT HAPPENS!

Periodically cleaning your roof is a great way to remove the invaders and maintain the longevity of your shingles and roof deck. But instead of using a pressure washer that can damage shingles or chlorine bleach treatments that don’t loosen plant roots (and can dry out your shingles), try the fast, easy and effective way to remove these invasive growths and restore your roof to its original, stain-free appearance: the P.J. Fitzpatrick’s NEW Roof Cleaning Service!

Top Reasons to Have Your Roof Professionally Cleaned

  • Your roof looks like new!
  • Adds years to your roof’s life
  • A stain-free, healthy roof at a fraction of the cost of replacing a roof

The Problem: Microscopic Organisms

Microscopic Organisms

Most roof stains are the result of algae or fungus living among the tiny granules that cover your shingles. These organisms thrive in damp shaded areas and feed on dust, pollen and other organic materials found in shingles.

Roof Leaks Due to Algae

Black streaks on your roof means that Gloeocapsa Magma has invaded your shingles. This is an air borne algae that feeds on the limestone used to add weight to your shingles. As the algae munches down on the limestone it loosens the granules of your shingles and causes them to leak. If caught early, preventative maintenance can add years of life to your roof

Roof Leaks Due to Moss

In shady areas of your roof you may find spots of moss growing. As the moss grows it pushes its roots down into your roofing shingles. The moss will retain water, like a sponge when it rains and pass that moisture directly through it roots to your sub-roofing. This will add sub-roofing costs to your overall bill when replacing your roof, which can be expensive.

Roof Leaks Due to Lichens

Similar to moss, Lichens are about the size of a silver dollar and shoot their roots down into your shingles. However they are ten times more destructive and if not taken care of quickly will mean you’ll be looking to replace your roof before you know it. Never power wash Moss or Lichen as the roots will rip out shingle granules, always kill the lichen prior to removal.

The Answer: P.J. Fitzpatrick’s NEW Roof Cleaning Service!

P.J. Fitzpatrick's NEW Roof Cleaning Service

Our revolutionary roof cleaning system gently removes those ugly stains and the plant life that causes them. Here’s how it works:

  • We use a specially-formulated non-chlorine agent that penetrates and dissolves stains caused by organisms while restoring your roof’s original color and appearance.
  • Our high-volume, low-pressure stain removal equipment loosens and rinses away stains without damaging shingles.
  • Our well-trained roof specialists know their way around roofs. They do the job quickly, safely and effectively … so you don’t have to.

The Result

A fresh, clean roof that looks years younger and will maintain its integrity for many years to come. All at a cost much, much less than that of a new roof!

Roof Cleaning - Side by Side Roof Cleaning - Side by Side

You can have the cleanest roof on your block. Schedule your first roof cleaning with P.J. Fitzpatrick and we’ll make it worth your while … we’ll take $100 OFF our regular price.

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