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Don’t Let a Leaking Roof Damage Your Home

When you have a leaking roof, more than just the roof can sustain damage. As rainwater drips through, it can ruin your ceiling and the insulation. On top of that, the joists in your attic will be exposed to water damage and mold growth. The longer the leak is there, the more damage that it can cause to the structural integrity of both your roof and your home. It’s crucial that you schedule a roof leak repair from a professional as soon as you see a water stain or hear water dripping.

PJ Fitzpatrick has a team of roofing contractors who are trained to handle roof leaks in the Delaware Valley. No matter how large the leak is, we can find and fix it. Leaks can occur in various parts of a roof. What’s worse is that the damage caused could occur far from the initial source of the leak. Our technicians thoroughly evaluate every potential entry point to identify roof leaks and ensure that all of the damage is restored so that the leaks don’t recur.

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Common Roof Leak Causes

The phrase “leaking roof” might be one of the most dreaded that homeowners could hear. Water is a subtle hazard, penetrating even the smallest gaps in your roof’s defenses. In some cases, the damage is so silent that a major problem has developed before you even notice. Because of that, roofing professionals recommend having your roof inspected regularly to catch potential issues before they become larger problems. At PJ Fitzpatrick, we look for the following common causes of leaks to determine if you need a roof leak repair.

Deteriorated Roof Leaking

Deterioration and Age

Like most things, roofing materials naturally deteriorate over time. The contraction and expansion that temperature changes cause can turn an aging roof brittle, while direct sunlight can melt the tar that holds the materials together. As a result, a roof leak repair may not be enough to prolong the life of a roof that has met its life expectancy.

Roof Leak from Damaged Flashing

Damaged Flashing

When a roof is installed, thin strips of metal are attached at points with the highest potential for leaks. This flashing must be sealed properly and remain in place in order to protect other roofing materials from water. The metal can crack or rust if the seal deteriorates, so it must be replaced and sealed again.

Missing Shingles Cause Roof Leak

Missing/Broken Shingles

If you look at your roof and notice different-colored patches, then you’ve probably identified missing shingles, which may have become detached during a storm. You could have a major leak in your home the next time it rains if you don’t address it. When you call PJ Fitzpatrick right away, our experts can perform the necessary roof leak repair services to restore the shingles before a major leak occurs.

Roof Leak Cracked Vent Boot

Cracked Vent Boots

Working with flashing to waterproof parts of the roof that are prone to leaks, vent boots slide over protruding vent pipes. They could be made of metal, plastic, rubber or a combination of these materials. When their gaskets wear out, new vent boots must be installed to maintain the water seal.

Roof Leak Clogged Gutters

Clogged Gutters

When your gutters are too cluttered for water to flow through them, the water will flow backward underneath the shingles and over the sides into a pool next to the foundation. Clogged gutters are usually pretty easy to spot by the leaves sticking out of them and a lack of water flowing out of the downspout during a storm. It’s essential that you get them cleaned out before you need a roof leak repair.

Roof Leak from Skylight

Poorly Installed Skylights

Since skylights are large fixtures that are installed in your roof, it’s vital that they’re sufficiently sealed. If you notice dripping or wet spots on the floor underneath them during a storm, you should contact PJ Fitzpatrick for a roof leak repair right away. We can determine if your skylights were improperly installed or if there’s a different problem.

Roof Leak from Cracked Chimney

Cracked Chimney

Although chimneys appear to be indestructible, the elements can erode the mortar that holds the bricks together. Also, the mud cap on the top can deteriorate. In some cases, we can just replace the missing mortar or mud cap, but further roof leak repairs could be necessary if the damage is extensive.

Roof Leaks from Unsealed Valleys

Unsealed Joints and Valleys

The planes where your roof connects are known as the joints and valleys. When they aren’t sealed correctly, rainwater can enter and cause a range of problems. It’s important to contact a roofing contractor from PJ Fitzpatrick for repairs because a leak barrier may need to be installed alongside more shingles.

Emergency Roof Leak Repair

Manufacturers make roofing materials to withstand storms and other elements. However, they aren’t completely impervious to damage and natural wear and tear. Additionally, it could take a while for leaks to be obvious to the untrained eye. For instance, you could have a serious leak and extensive damage by the time you see discoloration on your ceiling. In a worst-case scenario, you could have puddles of water on your floor before you discover the leak.

Whether your roof leak is the result of missing shingles, damaged flashing, or bad joint and valley seals, PJ Fitzpatrick technicians can provide emergency roof repair services. We can locate the issue and perform the necessary repairs to prevent more damage from happening to your roof and home. Our goal is to restore the functionality and strength of your roof as fast as possible. We’ll assess the rest of your roof to ensure that there aren’t any other potential problems. If we find anything that should be addressed, we’ll notify you and offer further roof leak repair services. Taking care of the issue immediately could save you money in the long run.

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Why Choose PJ Fitzpatrick?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It protects your belongings from wind, rain, ultraviolet rays, pests and debris. However, your roof’s constant battle with these elements means that it will eventually need repairs. At some point, a roof replacement will be necessary because of deterioration and aging.

No matter the problem, the experts at PJ Fitzpatrick have the solution. For 40 years, we’ve been providing the highest quality roofing services throughout Delaware, Maryland, South Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania. We make customer satisfaction a priority and can provide roof leak repair services when you need it the most. Our team is dedicated to restoring your home quickly and affordably so that it can keep you, your family and your belongings safe again.

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Leaks Aren’t the Only Cause of Moisture in Your Home

Moisture has a way of building up in your home whether or not you have a roof leak. While your roof is one line of defense against moisture, soffit and attic vents are another. Soffit vents are installed in the eaves of your roof and allow fresh air to flow into your home and out of the attic vents.

During the summer, heat rises into your attic, and having proper ventilation ensures that it can escape. During the winter, the moist, warm air from the lower levels of your home will rise into the attic. Attic vents allow that air to keep rising out of your house. As a result, your attic will remain dry so that mold and mildew can’t grow on the insulation or wood. PJ Fitzpatrick technicians can ensure that you have the right number of vents for your attic and roof to maintain a healthy environment in your home.

What if My Roof Leak is Beyond Repair?

Roof Leak Beyond Repair

At PJ Fitzpatrick, we take great pride in the roof leak repair services that we offer. Unfortunately, a roof leak repair isn’t always sufficient to restore a roof to proper working order. This could be the case if your roof is leaking with damage in multiple places or if the shingles are tearing or deteriorating beyond the point of repair. In such cases, we’ll recommend our roof replacement services. Replacing your roof will not only provide enhanced protection but it will also enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Our roof replacements are completed by the best installers in the industry. We only use the best roofing materials in order to give you optimal protection against the elements. Since we offer trustworthy workmanship, every replacement comes with a limited lifetime warranty. If anything goes wrong with your roof, we’ll fix it. Whether you need a roof replacement because a roof leak repair isn’t enough or you want to increase your home’s resale value, we can install a roof that protects your property for years to come.

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