Roof Vents and Attic Ventilation

A Properly Ventilated Roof Protects Your Home

Not having proper roof ventilation can make ordinary household activities a threat to the health of your home. Laundry, showers, dishwashing, and cooking can create lingering water vapor inside your house. This vapor needs to escape through roof vents or you risk damaging the underside of your roof, causing insulation rot, peeling paint, or warped siding.

Roof Vents for Home Ventilation
To remove moisture, withstand the harsh elements of nature, and provide a long-term weather barrier, a roof must be able to breathe. The roofing ventilation experts at PJ Fitzpatrick provide a roofing system meant to withstand the elements and maximize the benefits of proper ventilation.

Benefits of Proper Roof Ventilation

When a roof is properly ventilated you allow fresh air to flow throughout your home. The fresh air is better for your family’s health, your home’s health, and ultimately, your bank account.

 Ventilation Reduces Energy CostsReduce Energy Costs

Roof vents help keep a more consistent temperature in your attic. Keeping the temperatures from reaching extremes allows your home’s HVAC system to regulate the temperature in your home without overworking itself. This will save you money on your monthly energy costs.

Ventilation Protects Your HomeProtect Your Roof and Home

If your roof can breathe, it won’t reach temperature extremes that can cause stress to the materials that make up your roof. Constant expansion and contraction due to fluctuating temperature can cause shingles, vapor barriers, wood, and flashing to fail, thus causing damage to your home.

Common Types of Roof Vents

No matter your style of home or style of roof, PJ Fitzpatrick can repair, replace, or install various types of roof ventilation systems. Learn more about the options which are available to you.

Roof Ridge Vents

Ridge Vent

Found running along the top ridge of your roof, a ridge vent has no moving parts and acts as a large pathway for hot air to travel through. Paired with a soffit vent, air will be able to move quite freely. Ridge vents also blend in nicely with your existing roof as they are typically covered with shingles.

Soffit Vent

Soffit Vent

These vents are located beneath your roof in the eaves (overhang). Not only do soffit vents provide a clean finished look to otherwise exposed sections of your roof, but they allow cooler air to be sucked in while hot air escapes from other vents on top of the roof.

Box Vent

Box Vent

If you don’t want to install a ridge vent, a box vent is another option with no moving parts. Typically installed near the ridge, they are simple passages for air to travel and usually require more than one to be most effective. They also come in metal or plastic and various colors to match your roof.

Turbine Vent

Turbine Vent

This vent has moving parts that help usher out hot, humid air. No power source is needed, wind passing over your roof will keep the turbine moving, allowing perpetual ventilation. The mechanics in turbines can wear out over time due to friction and moisture.

Powered Vent

Powered Vent

Power vents are controlled with electricity, often a light switch, in your home. They allow the homeowner to control when to ventilate the roof. Some are solar powered or have their own humidistat to they can be run automatically to help eject hot, humid air and regulate temperature.

Gable Roof Vents

Gable Vent

These vents are located in the gables, or walls of the attic. They allow air to flow in and out while providing your home with a nice aesthetic. They are not the most efficient on their own and are often paired with another type of roof vent to be the primary intake source.

Installing Roof Vents Helps Home Climate Control

If you’re thinking of replacing your roof or your home doesn’t have any roof vents and you want to install them, PJ Fitzpatrick can ensure that your home is properly ventilated. The benefits of a properly ventilated roof far outweigh the costs of adding one to your home. To protect your home and your family, contact us today for an estimate.

The PJ Fitzpatrick Free Flow Ridge Vent System

Roof Vents Free Flow System DiagramFrom the roof foundation to the venting.

  • Prevent Drywall Damage
  • Lower Utilities
  • Prevent Peeling of Paint
  • Prevent Rotting
  • Be Drier
  • Prevent Mold & Mildew

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