Emergency Roof Repair

Have Your Damaged Roof Fixed by an Emergency Roofer from PJ Fitzpatrick

No matter how new or old your roof is, storms can cause unexpected damage. Strong winds, torrential rain, hail, and ice are just a few of the weather elements that your roof battles throughout the year. A combination of high winds and ice or heavy rain can even cause branches to break or entire trees to fall onto your roof. As a result, you could be left with missing shingles or other damage that causes a leak which requires an emergency roof repair.

Emergency Roof Repair

At PJ Fitzpatrick, we can perform regular maintenance and emergency roof repairs. We’ve been serving the Delaware Valley and surrounding areas since 1980. We’re dedicated to ensuring that you, your family, and your home remain protected.

Common Causes of a Roofing Emergency

There are numerous causes of roofing emergencies, and general wear and tear is one of the most common. Over time, it takes a toll on even the best roofing materials. Because of that, damaged flashing, leaks, and wood rot could cause problems that take you by surprise. Fortunately, PJ Fitzpatrick can send an emergency roofer to your home quickly. Our full-time specialists are trained and experienced to diagnose any roofing issue and fix it correctly the first time. Take a look at the most common roofing emergencies that we handle.

  • Neglected maintenance and natural wear due to weather
  • Fallen tree limbs
  • Other fallen debris
  • High winds that tore off shingles or roof decking
  • Poor roofing installation
  • Flashing failures around chimneys, vent stacks, joints, and dormers

Effects of a Damaged Roof

If you notice that you’re missing shingles or that your roof looks discolored, it’s important to get an inspection. The longer you wait, the more likely that you’ll need an emergency roof repair later. Even the slightest roof damage can turn into a major problem, especially if the damage is present before a big storm. PJ Fitzpatrick wants to help you prevent the negative effects of not fixing the damage as soon as you notice it. We help mitigate the following causes of damaged roofs:

Ceiling and Attic Damage

Emergency Ceiling DamageIf your home has an attic, not repairing roof damage can lead to ruined insulation, roof beams, and any belongings that you store in the attic. If your home doesn’t have an attic, untreated roof damage can lead to a ruined ceiling, which will also affect the plaster and paint. As the leak gets worse, nearby walls and any ceiling-mounted fans, lights or other fixtures could become damaged as well. In the long run, you’ll end up spending more on emergency roof repairs than if you had contacted a roofer sooner.

Mildew and Mold

Emergency Mold DamageIt can take a while for mildew and mold to grow and spread throughout your home. They don’t become a major problem overnight. When you have a leaking roof that goes unaddressed for too long, though, the water can leak into your walls, vents, and ceiling. Combined with the right temperatures, the leak creates the perfect breeding ground for mildew and mold. Toxic black mold could even develop and become a health hazard. Getting the roof leak repaired as soon as you notice it can prevent these fungal growths.

Fire Damage

Emergency Fire DamageSince firefighters use water to put out fires, it seems counterintuitive that water can cause fires too. Rainwater that gets into your ceiling and walls from a roof leak can make contact with your home’s electrical wiring. Although insulation and junction boxes protect the wiring, they aren’t good defenses against roof leaks. Water makes insulation clump and can seep into junction boxes. If it comes into contact with live wires, a fire could ignite and cause devastating damage that requires more than emergency roof repairs.

Insulation Damage

Emergency Insulation DamageWhen water from a roof leak gets into your insulation, it does more than make it clump up. Wet insulation essentially becomes useless and ineffective. It can lead to warping and structural damage, trapped moisture that corrodes roofing fasteners, studs and wall ties, and the growth of bacteria and mold. On top of that, wet insulation conducts energy rather than repels it, so your HVAC system has to work harder than usual to maintain the temperature that you set. This extra stress can reduce the unit’s life expectancy and increase your energy bills.

Structural Damage

Emergency Structural DamageAside from a fire, structural damage is the worst consequence of not scheduling a roof repair as soon as possible. The ceiling joists, exterior trim, fascia boards, rafters and wall framing can deteriorate. Weak framing in your roof can cause serious issues and will require an emergency roof repair to prevent the roof from collapsing and damaging anything that’s underneath it. In addition, water-damaged wood that goes untreated can lead to peeled paint and buckled wall coverings. Most of the time, it’s expensive to fix structural damage, so repairing roof leaks immediately is crucial.

Emergency Roof Repair CTA

Emergency Roof Repair Services

While you can prevent some roofing emergencies, you can’t control everything that happens to your roof. Even when you schedule regular roof maintenance and take preventive steps to avoid issues, an emergency may occur. Extreme weather, for instance, is out of your hands and could require an emergency roof repair despite your best efforts.

When that happens, PJ Fitzpatrick is prepared to send an emergency roofer to your home right away. We can assess the damage and perform the necessary emergency roof repairs. Whether the problem is broken shingles, damaged vents, a leak, or rotting wood, our experts can help.

What to Do in a Roofing Emergency

If your home is hit by a nasty storm, downed tree, or other roofing emergency, don’t panic, remember these helpful tips.

Visually Inspect Your Roof

Try to get a look at your roof from outside of your home to see if you can identify the issue. If possible, look in your attic to see if you can find any problems.

Protect Your Interior

If you have a hole in the roof or water coming in, move or cover your belongings to protect them from water and other debris.

Do Not Go On The Roof

If you see any visible structural damage do not go on the roof. You may not be able to know the extent of the damage and it may be unsafe to add any additional weight. Please have a professional inspect the roof for you.

Why Choose PJ Fitzpatrick For Your Emergency Roof Repair?

Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. It protects you, your family, and your belongings from the weather as well as ultraviolet rays, pests, and debris from surrounding foliage. The daily wear and tear that it sustains eventually causes deterioration that will need to be repaired. It may even require an emergency roof repair at some point. The experts at PJ Fitzpatrick proudly serve homeowners in Delaware, South Jersey, Maryland, and southeastern Pennsylvania. We can promptly provide the emergency roof repairs that you need to restore your roof and make your home safe again.

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