Lowes Stone Veneer Siding vs. PJ Fitzpatrick

Lowes Stone Veneer Siding

Stone Veneer SidingIf you love the look of stone for your home, you probably know that it’s one of the more costly siding options. Luckily, at P.J. Fitzpatrick, we have a siding option called “stone veneer” that can give you the look of stone you love, but without the cost.

Stone siding has been used on homes for centuries and gives each one a rich, beautiful characteristic that can’t be matched by other siding types. It’s also a low-maintenance siding option that won’t fade with sun exposure and won’t need stained or painted.

Natural Stone Siding vs. Stone Veneer Siding

When it comes to stone veneer siding, there are a few ways it differs from natural stone siding:

Natural stone siding is made using real stones that are gathered from local quarries. Some of the most popular types include limestone, granite, travertine, marble, and slate, and each of these natural stones can add structural benefits to a home. When it comes to environmental friendliness, however, that’s where stone veneer comes in.

Stone veneer siding is made from high-quality cement that is colored with iron-oxide pigments to resemble stones and then poured into stone-shaped molds. Once these molded stones harden, they can be set into mortar in the same way that natural stones are. Unlike natural stone, stone veneer is very light, which means it’s also easier to install and less costly (up to half the price).

Stone Veneer Benefits

In addition to being more lightweight, easier to install, and more affordable than natural stone, stone veneer can be fit into nearly any home building plan and doesn’t require foundations or footings. In addition, stone is a tough siding that can brave the elements of nature. If any stone does undergo damage, it’s much easier to replace than natural stone.

If you’re interested in stone for your home, skip the Lowes stone veneer siding and call the experts at P.J. Fitzpatrick. We work with highly reputable stone veneer companies and can help you choose the best siding for your home and budget.

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