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Our Siding Installations are Quick and Thorough

P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. installs a variety of siding types to make your home not only look better but protect it with the very best materials in the industry. We are a Certified Vinyl Siding Installer with CertainTeed and an award-winning company with an excellent track record. No matter what you’re looking for, our qualified siding installers can help you find it.

Siding Installation Process

When it comes to vinyl siding installation, the process is fairly straightforward. We’ll work with you to choose the style and color of siding best for your home and have it shipped to your house ahead of installation. We will then remove your current siding and wrap your home in a weather barrier prior to installing the new pieces of vinyl siding. If you have any questions about the siding installation process, we’re always just a phone call away, happy to provide answers to set your mind at ease.

Vinyl Siding Installation Experts

PJ Fitzpatrick has over 30 years of experience installing vinyl siding in the Delaware Valley. We are true craftsmen that take pride in our work because we know you take pride in your home’s appearance. We are committed to protecting your home from the elements and doing so with a positive experience you won’t hesitate to tell your friends and family about.

View Our Step By Step Siding Installation Process

Siding Installation Process 1

Materials Delivered to your home

Step one of the process is the delivery of the materials to the customer’s home. All materials are carefully packaged & wrapped to avoid any damage to your siding during shipping & delivery.

Siding Installation Process 2

Existing Siding Is removed

Preparation is so important. So many companies will simply cover up problems and do not address them. We will first remove your old siding, inspect your home and cut out any rotten or damaged wood and replace it with solid wood.

Siding Installation Process 3

House is prepped for new siding

As part of a PJF installation, your entire home is covered with Tyvek. Why do we wrap your home with Tyvek? It is like putting a windbreaker over a sweater on a cold windy day!

Siding Installation Process 4

Inside and outside corners are flashed

VSI certified installation standards require flashing in critical areas where water infiltration is most likely to occur. Outside corners, inside corners, and sill areas. The trademarks of a PJF siding installation are the details that cannot be seen. Managing water behind the siding gives you unquestionable protection.

Siding Installation

Clean, Hand-Crafted “J” channels

Attention to detail is a Fitzpatrick tradition. Most companies don’t take the time to miter cut the corner trim J channels. Small details like these miter cuts make a beautiful difference to your new siding job.

Siding Insatallation

Quality starter strip installation

A beautiful siding job must start with a rock solid foundation. And our starter strip insures your project will get off on the right foot. If something is not right when it goes in, its never going to get better. You will never see the starter strip used on your siding job, but it is one of the most critical components of a job that will last a lifetime.

Siding Installation

Our Patented STUDfinder system

Homes built without a solid sub-sheathing do not provide a strong enough substrate to hold nails. Our stud finder system of installation withstands gale force winds up to 185mph.

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