Vinyl Siding Repair

We Can Handle Vinyl Siding Repairs of Any Size

If your siding is damaged or missing, there’s no need to replace everything. The siding experts at P.J. Fitzpatrick can repair all types of siding, whether it has suffered cracks, leaks, missing panels, a damaged soffit or fascia, or even rust. Even if your siding has been affected by storm damage, we can send a representative out to your house, most times within a 24-hour period to take care of all of your vinyl siding repairs.

Expert Vinyl Siding Repair

Your vinyl siding plays an important role in home protection and if yours isn’t in top shape, it could mean entry points for unwanted pests and moisture. Over time, moisture can cause more serious problems that can compromise your home’s safety which is why you shouldn’t wait to repair your damaged siding. Missing and cracked siding also takes away from the aesthetic of your home and directly will affect the curb appeal of your home and even that of your neighbors.

Common Causes of Siding Damage

  • Rot: Over time, excess moisture can cause your siding to begin to decay.
  • Mold/Mildew: These fungi can grow rapidly and compromise your siding’s strength.
  • Rust: Siding that’s constantly exposed to moisture may begin to develop rust.
  • Wind: Sometimes, strong winds can cause pieces of siding to go missing.
  • Water: Too much water in or around your siding can lead to a number of problems.
  • Heat: Extreme heat can cause your siding to warp, pucker, or even melt.
  • Debris: You never know what could fly through the air and damage your siding.
  • Hail: When hail hits, it can cause damage to everything around it – including siding.
  • And more

Seamless Vinyl Siding Repair is a Detailed Process

At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we take a lot of pride in the quality of our work for your home. Last year alone we completed 13,818 repairs for 9,862 customers, and each of our repair processes is carefully planned and executed. Our vinyl siding repair experts are all trained and highly skilled at restoring your home to its glory.

Siding RepairWhen we are hired to repair your siding, we’ll start by visiting your home to assess your situation. We’ll take a look at any areas of siding that need attention and we’ll note the severity of the damage as well as look for any underlying damage. We’ll also take note of your siding’s color, texture, and style so we can match it perfectly to give you a seamless look. After that, we’ll schedule your vinyl siding repair appointment for a time that’s convenient for you. Once we arrive with your siding materials, we’ll work quickly to replace your damaged areas and leave you with a beautiful, well-protected home.


Siding Maintenance Can Prevent Future Repairs

You can’t prevent wind, hail, and other debris from damaging your siding, but you can perform simple maintenance to protect your siding from mold, mildew, bugs, and an unsightly look. Once a year you should power wash your siding. This will not only clean the surface but also remove spiders and other insects from the creases and joints. You should also regularly check the siding around your entire home and look for any areas that may be loose or warped. Often you can easily fix those issues yourself and prevent more serious problems from occurring.

Vinyl Siding Replacement Services

If your damaged siding is beyond repair or there are too many problem areas it may be more cost-effective to install new vinyl siding. We will work with you to discuss your options for replacing your siding so you get the look you’ve been dreaming of. We install shake and shingle, vertical, and horizontal vinyl siding that is low maintenance and last for decades.

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