Thank you for contacting us about your warranty issue.


Dear Customer,
Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding your warranty issue. We value our customers and appreciate the confidence you have in us to address your concern as quickly and completely as possible. Rest assured, our trained and seasoned warranty technicians are experts and will assess and resolve any concern you have in a professional manner. Realizing this is an unexpected disruption to your schedule, we have included three important tips to ensure a seamless experience for you.

  • A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Trips! Having a clear, close-up picture of the issue will help us best prepare for our visit. In many circumstances, a picture allows us to stock the required part or material BEFORE we arrive, thus avoiding the need to schedule a second trip. If possible, please take a well-lit close up picture on your smart phone and email it directly to warranty@pjfitz.com (include your home address). We’ll take it from there!
  • A Simple Fix! In many circumstances, the issues we see can be easily and quickly resolved by you, the homeowner. To avoid disruption to your busy schedule, we have developed some ‘How-To’ videos on our website for those common easy-to-fix issues. See below for a link.
  • Ask the Expert! Take advantage of our Warranty Technicians expertise while he is at your home. Ask about the many services and repairs we offer homeowners. From a simple non-warranty related repair, to a new replacement enhancement for your home’s exterior, or even a new bath. As a warranty customer, you are entitled to exclusive discounts not provided to new customers!

We value your business and continued loyalty to PJ Fitzpatrick. When you placed your trust in PJ Fitzpatrick during our initial consultation, and our Home Improvement Consultant said we offer world-class warranty support and care, we meant it! We look forward to seeing you.


Helpful Videos

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  3. How to ID Your Great Lakes Window
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  5. Window Won’t Lock?
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  7. Window Problems & What To Do

Our mission is to deliver an exceptional home remodeling experience using the highest quality products, providing professional installation and superior service, by employees focusing on the Customer as our most important asset.

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