Home Depot Basement Windows vs PJ Fitzpatrick

Home Depot Basement Windows

When it comes to rooms like the kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedroom, many homeowners choose windows that can add a sense of design, drama, and/or flair. When it comes to your basement, however, these characteristics are less important; instead, size and functionality are what many focus on.

Many basements only have a few feet of outdoor exposure, which means the windows you choose must be small, but still allow for ventilation and natural light. Many homeowners choose basement window styles like:


Home Depot Basement Windows

Awning windows are great for small spaces. They’re often horizontally shaped and open outward, which means they won’t take up any interior space. These windows get their name from the awning they create when they’re open. The downward slope of the window pane allows you to open them even during inclement weather; the rain will run off into the ground instead of into your home.


Glider windows come in many shapes (including horizontal rectangles) which means they can be a good solution for small areas. These windows slide open horizontally, so they won’t take up an interior space and they also allow for an abundance of natural light. In addition, glider windows are known for their durability; they don’t have any springs or pulleys (like other windows) that will need future repair.


Similar to awning windows, hopper windows open in a hinged fashion, but they open inward instead of outward. Their hinges are at the bottom of the window instead of the top, which means they open in a “V” shape. Because of this shape, hopper windows allow for great ventilation and can be installed in small spaces.

Insulating Properties

Because your basement gets so cold in the winter, you’ll want to choose a window with good insulating properties that can keep the cold air out of your home. If you’re interested in basement windows, turn to P.J. Fitzpatrick basement windows instead of Home Depot basement windows. We can help you decide the right shape, size, and style.

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