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Home Depot Bay Windows

If you’ve ever seen a curved window that protrudes from the outside of a house, you’ve probably seen a bay window. These windows offer a unique design element and can actually add space to your interior. Because of their high aesthetic appeal, a bay window installation will usually add value to your home. Home buyers tend to appreciate the elegant, clean look that a bay window gives a home (both inside and out).

Bow vs. Bay Windows

Home Depot Bay WindowsMany homeowners get bow windows and bay windows confused, as they’re difficult to tell apart. While bay windows usually have three openings (or panes), bow windows tend to have more than three (usually four or five). In addition, bay windows usually feature a large window in the center and a smaller window on either side. This creates a modern, angular look. The window panes on a bow window are usually all the same size and are rounded. Which you choose depends on your style preference.

Other Advantages

Because bay windows are typically large in size, they can add a significant amount of natural light to any room. They can also add good ventilation, since their window panes are situated on an angle. Since bay windows give you extra interior space, you can use the space as a cozy nook with pillows and blankets or a mini garden with plants and flowers on the ledge. The added space (even though it may be small) also gives your guests the illusion that the entire room is larger.

While bay windows can add a modern touch to your home, they can also add a vintage, Victorian feel. At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we’ll help you envision what your home would look like with a bay window. And don’t worry – if the Home Depot bay window selection is limited, we can help you find what you’re looking for.

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