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Home Depot Casement Windows

If you’re looking for large windows that offer a bold design, consider casement windows. These windows are commonly used in living rooms and dining rooms and can be made from a variety of window materials, including wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. They also offer energy efficiency; because the sash of a casement window sits tight against the frame when it’s closed, it creates an airtight seal and forms a barrier between outdoor air and indoor air.


Home Depot Casement WindowsFor homeowners who like natural light, casement windows can provide an abundance of it. These windows consist of a single, large pane of glass that is hinged on one side for opening. While traditional windows usually have dividers to create square or rectangular panes, casement windows often don’t, and therefore provide a clear portal that lets in lots of sunlight.

Ventilation & Security

Do you love enjoying an afternoon breeze while you read or watch television? Casement windows are designed to let in large amounts of air. They’re usually rectangular shaped and swing outward vertically to allow the entire window to open. The open design of the window itself also helps to trap breezes and funnel them into your home.

While casement windows are sought after for their natural light and ventilation, they’re also a popular choice for homeowners who want extra security from burglars or break-ins. The locks on casement windows are usually hook-shaped and located inside the frame, which makes them very hard to break.

While Home Depot casement windows may be on your list, we’d like to encourage you to turn to our local home improvement business to help you choose the perfect casement windows for your home.

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