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Why Garden Windows?

You’ve probably seen a garden window, but have mistaken it for a bow or bay window. Both types of windows are similar in that they extend past your house to give you a useable “nook” area on the inside. However, garden windows are made up of several panes of glass that are in the shape of a box. This gives you a place to grow or showcase plants, flowers, herbs, and more.

Garden windows are perfect for gardeners, cooks, and plant-lovers alike and because a garden window is made entirely from glass, it will act as a mini-greenhouse and give you plenty of sun for your plants to grow.


Home Depot Garden Windows

Vinyl is the most popular material when it comes to garden windows. This is mainly because of its affordability and durability. If vinyl isn’t your desire, however, you can choose to have your garden windows made from any regular window material – wood, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and more.


Many homeowners install their garden window in the kitchen (usually above the sink), but you can incorporate a garden window nearly anywhere in your home. Not only will you be able to exhibit your plants to those outside your home, but you’ll also have a bright, sunny area that gives you easy access to your greenery.

Many garden windows offer ventilation for both your plants and your home via tilt-out or crank windows on the sides. In addition, many manufacturers offer energy-efficient glass to filter in sunlight without heating up your room.

If you’d like to install your very own garden window, skip the Home Depot garden windows and call P.J. Fitzpatrick. We’ll get you started with what you need to know.

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