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Home Depot Glider Windows

Also known as “slider” windows, glider windows are named for their motion when opened. Glider windows are rectangular in shape and instead of pushing them up or cranking them out to open them, you slide the window pane sideways to overlap the other. While some glider windows only have one pane that slides, others have two (similar to a single-hung or double-hung window).


Home Depot Glider Windows

Glider windows open and close solely on a grooved track, as opposed to springs or pulleys like other windows. This means they can last longer without needing repairs or replacement parts and prove more durable. Most also incorporate glazing, which creates an airtight, watertight seal between the sash and the frame. This glazing makes the windows energy efficient and helps them resist cracking or shrinking.


Because glider windows simply glide open, they’re very easy for people of all ages to use. If the windows have locks, they’re simply latches that hold the window in place. To open, all you have to do is unlatch the fastening and slide the window. This also makes them easy to clean – especially if both window panes slide. All you have to do to reach the outside part of the pane is slide it past the other one.


Glider windows are simple in design, which means they’re affordable to build. These windows are not only some of the most economical, but they’re also the most cost effective. To add to their benefits, their durability means you’ll not only pay a respectable price for these windows, you also won’t have to worry about replacing them so soon.

Let the glider window experts at P.J. Fitzpatrick help you choose the right glider windows for your home. We encourage you to skip Home Depot’s glider windows and trust us.

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