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Lowes Hopper Windows

When you think about windows, you probably think about standard windows like single-hung or double-hung; “hopper” windows may not cross your mind. This type of window can be considered a mix between an awning window and a casement window. It’s shaped like an awning window (a horizontal rectangle), but opens like a casement window. It also has its hinges on the bottom of the sash instead of on the top, so it tilts (usually toward you) like a “V.”

Because hopper windows are shaped horizontally, they’re commonly used in smaller areas like bathrooms, basements, or laundry rooms. Their tilt feature also makes them easy to open and close in these kinds of spaces.

Small Spaces


When you open a hopper window, you can actually open it completely (as opposed to an awning window). This gives the window a great ventilation property, which is perfect for small, musty or humid areas. They also allow a good amount of natural light into the room and when it comes to cleaning them, their tilt quality makes them very low-maintenance.

Safety and Energy Efficiency

Hopper windows are a popular choice for basements not only because of their ventilation quality, but also because they’re difficult to break into. Many criminals target basement windows when trying to enter your home, but the small size of hopper windows and the way that they lock make them a good choice for safety reasons.

These windows are also a good choice for environmental reasons. Because the sash of a hopper window presses against the window frame when it’s closed, it creates a more efficient seal than other windows like double-hung or sliding. This seal helps keep cool or warm air inside your home and keeps outside air from leaking in.

Are you thinking about incorporating hopper windows into your home? While you may want to turn to Lowes’ hopper windows, we encourage you to call up P.J. Fitzpatrick instead. We have window specialists that can help you choose the best color and style.

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