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Improved Functionality and Efficiency

While single-hung windows are the most popular type of windows among homeowners, many choose to turn their windows into double-hung windows. Because both the top and bottom sashes of a double-hung window can open (as opposed to just the bottom ones in single-hung windows), these windows add a great element of ventilation and airflow. Some double-hung windows can even tilt outward to offer even more airflow.

Because you can open the top part of a double-hung window, they’re a common choice among homeowners with children. This is an added safety feature since children can easily fall out of an open window. But by opening just the top, you won’t have to worry about them.

Do I Need New Windows?

Double-hung windows normally last 20 years, and in some cases upwards of 30 years. The majority of experts advise paying closer attention to your windows after 15 years. Even though you might not immediately need to replace your windows as a result, you should check them for signs of wear like drafts, condensation between the glass panes, difficulty moving the sashes, etc.

Double-Hung vs Single-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have two sashes, as do single-hung windows. The distinction is that a double-hung window also has an upper sash that slides as opposed to a single-hung window’s fixed upper sash and sliding lower sash. There are several benefits to this strategy. Greater air circulation and better natural ventilation are made possible. It makes cleaning much simpler and gives you more control over the ventilation in a living space. For example, from inside the house, you can clean the exterior glass.

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Why Choose Double-Hung Windows?

Double-hung windows can have both of their panes of glass tilted, allowing you to thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior of the surface. If you’re on the second or third story, you’ll need a ladder or extension pole to reach the top portion of a single-hung window since you can’t do it from the outside. Additionally, double-hung windows are much more suitable for spaces where moisture tends to accumulate, such as bathrooms. To combat humidity as well as the development of mildew and mold, dual-operable sashes can offer more ventilation. While double-hung windows may be more expensive than single-hung, they offer lasting energy savings when used to ventilate your home during mild temperatures.

Why Choose Double Hung Windows

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We do a lot more than just sell and install new windows at PJ Fitzpatrick, where we offer professional double-hung window replacement services. Our team will assist you in making economical decisions that enhance and significantly increase the value of your home. If you want to talk about the window options for your home or would like us to come out for a free consultation and estimate, call us right away or make an appointment online.


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If you’re unsure which type of window is the best choice for your home, our window installation experts are happy to offer advice. They are knowledgeable about all types of windows. The wide range of styles that windows come in is one of their best features. You can choose a window that not only fits your budget but also your taste, from a traditional double-hung design to the striking appearance of a bow window to a special custom shape. Additionally, each type of window can give your house a unique appearance, making them an artistic feature for both the interior and exterior of your home.


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