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Lowes Aluminum Siding

When people think of home siding, most don’t immediately think of aluminum. Instead, vinyl or wood may come to their minds. While vinyl and wood are both very popular siding materials, aluminum was one of the original materials used for home siding.

Aluminum siding was introduced to the housing market in the 1940s. According to Tyvek, after a home improvement dealer noticed how paint stuck to the aluminum on war planes in World War II, he decided it would be a strong material for homes and painted it to create inviting home siding colors.

Not What You May Think

Lowes Aluminum Siding

If you’re picturing siding that looks like it’s made of aluminum foil, that’s not exactly what aluminum siding looks like. While it’s made from the same element, aluminum siding can be crafted into a wide variety of colors and can even be stamped with a wood pattern to make it look more like natural wood siding. It can be made into both horizontal and vertical pieces and comes in a variety of widths and thicknesses, depending on your preference.

Even though aluminum is a metal, it’s rust-resistant. It’s also very low maintenance and is resistant to insects and fire, which could potentially save homeowners money on their insurance.

Aluminum vs. Other Materials

Aluminum is a very durable element, which means aluminum siding is a stronger alternative to vinyl siding and is less susceptible to cracks and breaks. Aluminum siding can also be painted, which means you can change the look of your home fairly easily if you decide you want to. (Vinyl, on the other hand, can’t be painted.).

Unlike vinyl or wood siding, aluminum siding is only made by a handful of manufacturers, which can make it more expensive. Compared to other materials like stone, brick, hardwood, however, aluminum can prove to be an affordable alternative. The price all depends on the size and thickness of the siding and the manufacturer that produces it.

Does aluminum sound like the perfect thing for your home? You won’t find any Lowes aluminum siding, so give us a call today and we’ll find you the perfect look.

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