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Is your home too cold and/or heating bills too high? Let us check your insulation.

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Even if your home already has insulation, or other energy saving products, it still may not be as protected as you think, since many types are not effective against heat transfer due to emission. Plus, insulation loses effectiveness over time as it settles, and only 20% of houses constructed prior to 1980 have sufficient insulation*.


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With new insulation from P.J. Fitzpatrick, you can rest assured that your home is up-to-standards in protection. Check out our insulation photo gallery to see how we can improve your home.

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Radiant Barrier

Our Radiant Barrier Reflective insulation uses state-of-the-art technology to stop 97% of radiant heat transfer and can save you money on your energy bill. Plus, it’s easy for our professionals to install.

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There are three ways that heat can be transferred in and out of your home:


Heat transfer through contact


Heat transfer through
movement of heated liquid or air.


Heat transfer from the sun.


The chart below shows how much insulation you should have in your home:

USDOE Insulation Guidelines

USDOE Insulation Guidelines

In the Delaware Valley region Attic insulation is recommended to be at least R38.

R-values measure only resistance to convection and conduction, which, while important, are not the only source of a rising power bill. Energy Reflective Insulation is different. By reflecting heat from the sun and providing a barrier between the house and the outside environment, it addresses that third, crucial way of losing and gaining heat, and the accompanying costs. When working in conjunction with existing house insulation, Energy Reflective Insulation provides a complete solution to thermal insulation. By taking a triple-tier approach to thermal insulation, you can create a virtually impenetrable barrier between the cozy interior of your home and the external climate.

At PJ Fitzpatrick we can bring your traditional attic insulation up to code, with either blown-in or batt insulation while adding a barrier to the third type of heat loss/gain; emission with Radiant Barrier Energy Reflective Insulation.

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