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Your old roof will look like new in no time

In addition to roofing installation and repairs, PJ Fitzpatrick offers a number of other great roofing services so you can protect your home and everyone who lives in it.

Roof Chimney Caps

By capping your chimney, we can prevent precipitation from entering your chimney and leading to moisture damage. We can also prevent burning embers from landing on your roof or surrounding areas.

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Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning service is fast and effective. We'll remove stains, streaks, and plant life and leave your roof looking as good as new. A roof cleaning can also help prevent the reoccurrence of plant life.

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Roof Flashing

With roof flashing, we can give the areas around skylights and chimney an extra a layer of protection to help prevent water leakage. We can also flash the areas of your roof where water runoff is heavy.

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Roof Leaks

A roof leak can cause serious water damage to your home and its foundation. Let us take find and take care of any roof leaks you may have. We'll fix it once and fix it right.

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Roof Ventilation

Let us make sure your roof is properly ventilated. If it's not, water vapor excreted by simple household tasks can damage the underside of your roof, rot your insulation, or warp your siding.

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With our quality skylights, you can let more natural light into your home. We can help you find the best solution and install them quickly and properly to earn your satisfaction.

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We fix our competitors mistakes

Nearly 80% of all roof installations we're called in to fix are because another contractor made mistakes or cut corners. We completed over 13,818 repairs in 2015.

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